Starting today, we’re rolling out a bundle of new standard tools available to faculty promotion or tenure candidates to help them prepare, view, and edit their materials in ByCommittee with greater assurance of the packet’s presentation to the committee.


What is it?

Now candidates can:

  • preview materials (already submitted or not) exactly as the committee will see them
  • easily reorder materials before submission
  • replace or rename materials after submission, when the committee permits it, without having to resubmit

In addition, we’ve freshened up the look and feel of the document experience for candidates, giving them a visual “drawer” in which to easily page through their packet.

Why did we need it?

We heard from a number of ByCommittee partner institutions that the existing tools available to help candidates prepare their formal tenure or promotion packets, while totally usable, were still leaving candidates a little uncertain about their say in the packet’s presentation, and what exactly the committee was going to see.

Obviously, a formal academic review is typically a monumental moment in a faculty member’s career—particularly if it’s a tenure case—so we’re knee-deep in devising a bigger package of improvements to the candidate side. This release is the first step, establishing a new baseline assurance for scholars who are going through a significant and potentially stressful formal stage in their professional lives.

What’s next?

Keep an eye out for further expansions to the ByCommittee candidate experience in the near future! This is just the first of a couple of releases along these lines, aimed at empowering faculty members to best present their accomplishments and scholarly character. Your school’s Client Success manager will definitely be giving your institutional points of contact ample heads-up when we’re ready to bring those out.