This month, we’re putting on a free webinar and Q&A on an all but universal challenge in faculty activity reporting: how to consolidate data from many sources and formats into a single central faculty data hub on campus. 

WHEN: Thursday, March 30 / 2:00-3:00 PM EDT / Register

The webinar is intended to give a look at the difference it makes to maintain an online “single source of truth” for faculty activity data—and how your school can draw on external sources where data has already been collected. It’ll feature a presentation, a live demo of some relevant portions of Interfolio’s system, and a Q&A portion with you!

This webinar arises from the common observation that there’s a ton of valuable data on academics’ professional activities stored in a variety of sources that store information like:

  • publications and authorship
  • grants
  • conference participation
  • courses taught
  • journal metrics

Isn’t there a way to incorporate that data alongside the information you’ve already collected on campus (with validation by your faculty) so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel? Answer: There sure is.

We’ll see a joint presentation from L.K. Williams and Scott Wymer, the two former faculty members who founded academic technology company Data180 in 2002 to serve a variety of faculty data needs—much in parallel to Interfolio, and addressing complementary concerns. Under L.K.’s and Scott’s direction, Data180 developed a mature and highly usable platform for faculty activity reporting, called Faculty180. Interfolio acquired Data180 in January 2017, and the combination of our companies’ expertise and resources is already reaping benefits for many client institutions.

The webinar is appropriate for a range of academic administrative officers—whether you’re new to the faculty activity reporting project, currently evaluating different approaches and systems, or seeking to do more with less around faculty data storage and distribution. We think it’ll be interesting to:

  • Chief academic officers
  • Institutional researchers
  • Academic compliance and accreditation officers
  • Chief information/technology officers
  • Other faculty administrative managers

Curious? Register here to attend the free webinar on the 30th.