Case Studies

Case Study: Millikin University

“This was such a vastly better approach to hiring than the traditional method of keeping all kinds of paper files, trying to maintain the security of those files, and trying to make sure members of the search committee had access to the documents while trying to maintain the confidentiality of those materials."

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Case Study: The University of Missouri System

“Due to the work with our grants offices, we were able to uncover and clean up over $3B (that’s billion with a ‘B’) in outstanding grants that were more than 3 years old. This process wouldn’t have been possible without making this information transparent to faculty.”

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Case Study: The University of Arizona

"Interfolio Faculty180 provides information on the work of faculty with NFPs, businesses, and schools and other federal and state agencies that is not currently available. This information provides a comprehensive accounting of the economic and social impacts of the university."

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Case Study: The University of Notre Dame

“Recruiting and hiring future colleagues is one of the most critical services a faculty member provides to her institution. The less time that a committee member spends wrestling with a system (or paper), the more time that a committee member can devote to considering the merits of each candidate.”

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Case Study: Tulane University

“From a university perspective, being able to log in and see how many active cases we have at a given time is so helpful because we have budgetary considerations tied to promotion.”

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Case Study: San Diego State University (SDSU)

"We've found that for many years the whole process for going up for tenure and promotion has been shaped by the bureaucratic demands of putting together the physical repository of your career achievements. We're excited about moving towards a more digital, accessible solution that allows us to focus on more substantive conversations."

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Case Study: Bates College

“Before, the system wasn’t so intuitive that a search committee member could just look at the applications. Now, we have more independence for the search committees. Plus, faculty all over the world can participate. It makes committees more robust because the faculty members don’t have to be on campus to review.”

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Case Study: Haverford College

“This has revolutionized our whole search process. It’s made our confidentiality more rigorous since we don’t have to send emails back and forth, and saves us a lot of time and aggravation.”

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