Whatever your institution’s unique mission and values, one often undervalued resource significantly impacts your success: time. At the American University of Paris (AUP), time is a resource leaders know to spend wisely. 

Providing an American-style liberal arts education with a global perspective, AUP uses Interfolio’s Faculty Search and Review, Promotion & Tenure modules to save time for strategic thinking and student-centered learning.

Since AUP adopted these modules, the university has experienced firsthand how efficiency can power the fulfillment of an institution’s mission and values.

Themes Discussed

  • Purpose-Built Technology  Enables Streamlined Efficiency
  • Data Informs Open Position Advertising Decisions
  • Custom Reports Power University Insights

Purpose-Built Technology Enables Streamlined Efficiency

Interfolio’s modules have transformed the faculty search and promotion processes at AUP.

“I remember the days of emailed applications, then downloading and saving them somewhere, creating a spreadsheet, and printing out everything for committees,” explains Sinead Foley, Executive Assistant to the Provost at AUP. “Now everything easily flows into Interfolio. It has saved us a huge amount of time, making everything much more straightforward and streamlined.”

Using Review, Promotion & Tenure to create workflows has also streamlined the review and promotion process, Sinead says. “We set up the workflow templates for each review type, which was simple, and now everything runs through those workflows seamlessly. The platform has made review processes so much clearer and more efficient for everyone involved. Because Interfolio is so easy to use, we have faculty buy-in and would love to expand our faculty information system.”

Data Informs Open Position Advertising Decisions

The Faculty Search module not only saves time but helps AUP allocate its advertising budget for open positions. For each position, AUP created a form that requires applicants to indicate where they learned of the position. “At the end of a search, we can quickly pull down a report and see what methods of advertising generate the best return on investment and then adjust our advertising choices,” explains Sinead. For a small university like AUP, which has 111 teaching faculty, saving money on advertising frees up resources for greater priorities.

“Interfolio has changed my work life, particularly during the months we’re busy with faculty searches. When you have a tool that handles workflows and processes for you, you have so much more time for important strategic work.”

Sinead Foley
Executive Assistant to the Provost
Office of the Provost
American University of Paris

Custom Reports Power University Insights

Part of AUP’s mission is to produce graduates who are digitally literate, which is one reason
why the university appreciates the digital dexterity that Interfolio’s tools provide. “It’s a digital world, and we like to model the skills and capabilities that we’re trying to instill in our students,” explains Sinead.

“With these modules, we can generate reports quickly that answer the varied questions our administrators may ask,” says Sinead. “In addition, departments can set up evaluation criteria in the Faculty Search module that enable us to generate a report showing their top applicants.”

AUP is using the time it has saved through digital transformation of faculty processes to focus
on strategic projects that will ultimately support AUP’s mission of providing a transformative learning experience.

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