Until 2013, London Business School experienced myriad recruitment challenges as a result of an email- and paper-based system. With hundreds of candidates, the institution lost time and resources manually updating spreadsheets, managing documents as email attachments, tracking down incomplete applications, and communicating with candidates. That year, they began using Interfolio Faculty Search for junior faculty recruitment. In 2014, the institution extended their Interfolio partnership to include the Review, Promotion & Tenure module for periodic faculty reviews.

A professional applicant experience

Choosing Interfolio Faculty Search in an effort to increase operational efficiency around talent-based decision making, London Business School also sought to give their recruitment process a more professional feel. Interfolio not only saved time on manual processes with a secure, online system, but has also delivered a polished, seamless experience for applicants—a particular challenge in subject areas with large applicant pools, such as finance.

Reporting on the applicant pool

Reporting features have been an additional highlight for London Business School’s compliance requirements, especially around diversity initiatives. Interfolio Faculty Search’s built-in EEO gathering capabilities have led to increased participation in diversity disclosure, which in turn has provided greater insight into the school’s application pool. Ongoing feature enhancement in Interfolio, such as a combined reports feature that allows London Business School to create custom reports of applicants across various categories, has helped to keep the product current with client expectations and academic workflows.

Adopting Interfolio for faculty promotion

As an Interfolio client, the London Business School also decided in 2014 to participate as an early adopter and pilot institution of Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure an online system streamlining all aspects of the higher education promotion process, from candidate packet submissions to external evaluations to institutional committee review workflows. User feedback and engagement with the pilot cases at London Business School led to major feature enhancements, such as the ability for promotion candidates to participate in more than one review case at a time (for instance, their yearly review as well as an ongoing tenure review). As part of an adaptive development process, Interfolio was able to use information from London Business School’s workflows to increase functionality and foster an intuitive scholarly experience.

“We piloted the P&T model for our internal periodic review processes. It is a simple module to use with the main advantages being a place to store paperwork centrally and the ability to set up a workflow. We look forward to rolling it out to our annual review, promotion to full professor, and tenure review processes later this year.”

Sian Smith, Faculty HR Research and Faculty Office

About Interfolio

Interfolio launched its academic-decision making platform in 2012 as a response to user feedback about the need for better systems to support shared governance and committee decisions. Today, Interfolio has grown to support the entire lifecycle of faculty activity, decisions, and data, from hiring through tenure. With the addition of system for faculty activity reporting and accreditation, Interfolio now offers the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and faculty-focused technology in higher education to over 275 clients worldwide. To learn more about what your peers are saying about Interfolio, visit www.interfolio.com or contact team@interfolio.com