Best Practices Checklist: Faculty Diversity + Inclusive Excellence in Recruitment

A detailed checklist of contemporary best practices in higher education for improving faculty diversity, equity, and representation in the faculty recruitment and hiring process.

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White Paper: Achieving Faculty Buy-In—Lessons from the Product Advisory Committee

How can colleges and universities inspire faculty engagement with faculty activity reporting, academic workflow, online dossiers, and other new technology?

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White Paper: Challenges to Inclusion and Diversity in Faculty Hiring: Research and Best Practices

What's keeping colleges and universities from making real progress on faculty diversity?

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White Paper: Faculty Information Flow—Data Migration and Use

How can colleges and universities more effectively and appropriately manage professional data about their faculty?

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White Paper: Faculty Data Management In The Era Of Extreme Documentation

Has higher education entered the era of extreme documentation in terms of faculty data management? At a time when government cutbacks and public scrutiny has increased, the accreditation process has become more demanding as well.

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eBook: Top Ten Benefits Of Using A Faculty Activity Reporting System

Faculty members are active – teaching courses, conducting research, publishing papers, serving on committees, etc. – and their academic-related activities play an integral role in the credibility and success of all academic institutions.

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White Paper: ORCID – Making A Difference In Identifying Researchers

Name ambiguity in the academic research field is a big problem. It can create real frustration for academics trying to contact a researcher for collaboration, or for potential funders or publishers attempting to see a history of a researcher’s work.

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White Paper: Social Media For Academic Researchers

Since its inception, social media has become one of the most powerful forces in the technological world, changing the way that people connect with each other on both personal and professional levels.

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