2024 Survey of College and University Chief Academic Officers

Academic Leaders’ Thoughts on the State of Higher Ed 

How do Provosts/Chief Academic Officers (CAOs) feel about crucial topics affecting today’s institutions? New findings from IHE and Hanover Research highlight perspectives from institutional leaders on faculty and staff retention, tenure, artificial intelligence, DEI, mental health, and more.

Survey highlights include:

  • 35% of provosts report higher-than-usual faculty turnover rates, with 30% also seeing higher-than-usual faculty retirement rates
  • Although 72% of provosts believe their institution is very effective at providing a quality undergraduate education, just 37% say their institution is very effective in using data to measure student outcomes
  • Half of provosts (50%) view tenure as very or extremely important to the overall health of their institution
  • 39% of provosts agree that their job is more focused on financial management than on academic issues
  • The majority of provosts (87%) are glad they pursued administrative work, with relative consistency across demographics

Access the full results to gain insights from more than 300 CAOs/provosts representing 159 public, 165 private, and 7 for-profit institutions.

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