Faculty Data

“A strong data governance, collection, and analytics function is critical to institutions of higher education.” 

How can faculty data contribute to institutional success?

In many cases, colleges and universities don’t actually suffer from a lack of data. Instead, having the resources and knowledge to make the data actionable is often the challenge. In particular, how can data about faculty teaching, research, and service surface stories of institutional success? What faculty activity data is most meaningful to track? 

In this white paper, we discuss the ways in which faculty data can contribute to institutional success, whether through accreditation, state and system reporting requirements, public relations, faculty careers progression, and more. Additionally, we outline the important types of faculty data to collect, how to ensure optimal collection of quality data, and usage for insights and decision-making. Interfolio clients University of Nevada, Las Vegas and University of Maryland, Baltimore County contribute their perspective on some of these questions.

In this white paper, you’ll learn more about:
  • 3 main types of faculty activity data 
  • Main pain points around faculty data
  • Best practices from peer institutions
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