How Faculty Information Systems Empower Institutions eBook

Academic Leaders Discuss How Faculty Information Systems Empower Institutions

Leaders of academic institutions are navigating a number of interrelated opportunities and challenges in today’s higher education landscape. In this eBook, they discuss how Interfolio has empowered progress and addressed needs like gathering insights, evolving equity, and improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Valuable Insights Through Technology

Build trust and credibility by showcasing faculty achievements. Bolster future plans and strategic growth with centralized data and insights.

Building Equitable Institutions

Leaders are looking to empower faculty and ensure greater fairness throughout the faculty lifecycle. A Faculty Information System helps boost academic health through equitable promotion, retention, and hiring of faculty.

Optimize Processes to be Efficient and Effective

Enable fair workloads, ease accreditation, and allow faculty to spend their time and resources on the most important work—teaching, research, and service—when you use a single platform for faculty activity. 

Learn How a Faculty Information System Helps Academic Leaders:

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About Interfolio’s Faculty Information System

Preferred by hundreds of leading institutions, our Faculty Information System frees up time for faculty, staff, and administrative leaders. Get more time for your faculty to serve students, secure funding, and engage with the world.

Regain thousands of working hours every year for faculty and administrative staff

Protect the integrity, consistency, and security of core academic affairs processed

Get faculty to use the platform with an easy experience tailored to their perspective