eBook - Supporting Faculty Careers During COVID-19 and Beyond - Interfolio

How Institutions Can Help Faculty Navigate Their Pandemic-Disrupted Career Paths

Faculty members are used to uncertainty. Their profession is a highly competitive one in which there is no guarantee they’ll obtain a tenure-track position or tenure.

But add the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and even the most unflappable members of your faculty are likely feeling some concern about questions like, “How will a delay in my research affect my career?” or, “Will performance reviews take into account the challenges of online teaching?”

Informed by our October 2020 digital roundtable featuring guests from four Interfolio institutions, this free eBook discusses ways you can support faculty career development under current circumstances.

Download the free eBook to understand:

  • What has worked best for colleges and universities that handle faculty affairs processes online
  • Why today may be the right time to rethink faculty development programs and resources
  • How the Interfolio platform is helping your peer universities adapt to changes in the faculty work experience
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