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Why Now? Faculty Affairs Leaders on Digital Transformation

These days, when you speak of “digital transformation” in higher education, you’re likely to get a wide range of responses. Those who think they’re already current and keeping pace might question, “Are we still doing that?” as if technological advancement is something that ever truly stands still. Others—those still anchored or resigned to outdated paper-based solutions—might wonder, “Is that necessary or even possible?” The answer to all those questions is yes! And it points to the most pressing question: Why now?

For those academic institutions ready to bring modern efficiency, collaboration, and success to faculty affairs decisions, now is the time. In this best practice guide, we discuss—with insights from Interfolio institutions of all sizes, specialties, and locations—five primary reasons colleges and universities are embracing digital transformation for faculty management.

You’ll learn:

  • How a Faculty Information System can help bring your strategic vision to life
  • How you can promote transparency and integrity throughout the faculty lifecycle
  • Insights on how technology can empower your goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion

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