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“Faculty should ask three key questions about any system their institution is evaluating.”

A guide for faculty

New digital processes for managing tenure and promotion reviews offer tremendous advantages to faculty. For instance, candidates no longer have to spend hours wrestling with copy machines and binder tabs to produce duplicate copies of their files. Additionally, reviewers don’t have to seek out a locked room on campus where they read the materials, drive to campus on their work-from-home days to read files—or fit the work into the limited number of weekday hours. 

However, it may not always seem like a good thing to go digital. There are sound reasons for caution. This white paper offers guidelines for what faculty should consider when their institution is exploring digital systems  for promotion or tenure. 

You’ll learn about:
  • Three main digital technology types used by universities for review and promotion
  • The advantages and disadvantages of these various options
  • Three top questions faculty must ask when new systems are being considered
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