White Paper - Faculty Data Management in the Era of Extreme Documentation

How can robust faculty data management benefit schools?

Has higher education entered the era of extreme documentation in terms of faculty data management? At a time when government cutbacks and public scrutiny has increased, the accreditation process has become more demanding as well.

Higher education institutions are having to leverage data — program data, faculty data, student data, and more — to satisfy the unceasing demands for more documentation required as part of the accreditation process, even while faculty scramble to crank out more grant and funding proposals. However, many higher education institutions do not have the faculty data management tools to cope with the data and documentation that go along with the accreditation process.

In this free Interfolio white paper, learn how administrators are addressing these concerns as they answer the following questions:

  • What can higher education institutions do to meet the increasing demand for documentation?
  • How can faculty and institutional data best be leveraged to help streamline and simplify accreditation processes?
  • With the slowdown in grants and funding, how can higher education institutions save time and money, while meeting the requirements of accreditation agencies?