Faculty Diversity in Review, Promotion, and Tenure

Faculty Retention Best Practices to Achieve an Inclusive and Diverse Faculty

This free white paper draws upon contemporary research—and interviews with several current academic affairs leaders—to lay out a series of successful concrete steps modern universities are taking to end unequal patterns of faculty advancement.

Featuring input from established faculty leaders at George Mason University; Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University; and University of California, Merced, the paper takes us beyond the oft-cited “pipeline problem” of recruitment—and offers practical choices you can make to create a more equitable workplace for all academics at your institution.

You’ll learn about:

  • Some forms of institutional engagement you can offer the faculty body around inclusion and diversity
  • How faculty workload expectations and tenure/promotion requirements are being re-evaluated under a lens of under-representation
  • What influence data and technology are having on faculty diversity at modern universities

Only by intentionally addressing both structural and cultural factors in faculty professional advancement can universities reverse the long-entrenched underrepresentation among the professoriate.

Download the White Paper: