Student raising hand to ask about faculty activity reporting in classroom at the high school

Faculty Activity Reporting Across the Scholar Lifecycle

For anyone in higher education seeking to better collect, manage, and use faculty activity data, this white paper gives you an in-depth starting point.

Various pressures may drive you to seek a better way to handle faculty data at your university—from online faculty evaluations (tenure, promotion, annual review), to accreditation, to powering scholar profiles, to showing impact, to grant funding.

This paper shows how faculty activity reporting is rightly understood as one component of a bigger platform focused on driving faculty success.

You’ll Learn:

  • What the core differences are between a faculty information system and a research information system
  • Why you should seek a year-round, integrations-heavy model of data input, rather than relying on one-time imports
  • How your FAR tool can most effectively support tenure, promotion, annual review, and other faculty evaluations
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