Rebuilding White Paper

White Paper: Rebuilding Higher Education

How Faculty Affairs Professionals Can Lead Universities to Future Success

A Study by Interfolio and Hanover Research

How can you pursue a new vision and rebuild your academic institution for the future—with faculty at the center?

Drawing on a direct survey of 600 faculty members and wide contextual research on academic careers in COVID-19 pandemic times, this fresh study from Interfolio and Hanover Research sheds new light on how academic/faculty affairs leaders can best position their institutions for success.

You’ll learn:

  • Where faculty are spending most of their time—and how your college or university can adjust processes to accommodate and excel along with them
  • Why certain colleges and universities have been highly successful in supporting their faculty during the pandemic
  • What approach to technology has enabled other colleges and universities to maintain their ongoing impact on students, academia, and the world

More About This Research

As the paper shows, this body of research points to three critical areas that academic and faculty affairs leaders must prioritize in the pandemic climate:

1. Maximizing the impact faculty can make in their valuable working hours.

Without modern, effective resources to support faculty members in focusing on their teaching, research, and service, your college or university risks major, avoidable missteps in allocating your greatest asset—your faculty.

2. Optimizing faculty recruitment and tenure/evaluation practices (especially to serve student success)

The faculty job market and talent pool have shifted a lot in recent years, and the pandemic has catalyzed major shifts in how, where, and when faculty complete their responsibilities.

3. Establishing efficient, secure administrative processes for institutional effectiveness.

As budget constraints require you to do more with less, with both faculty and professional staff going remote, your college or university must develop the capacity to handle all administrative processes efficiently and securely—from anywhere

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If you are a faculty affairs or academic technology professional hoping to better support the success of your faculty members, you’ll want to take a look at this firsthand research. Download your copy today!