Virtual Summit

Moving to Outcomes: Faculty Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

At last year’s Interfolio Summit (2020), we discussed achieving a diverse and inclusive faculty workforce. In this 2021 on-demand session with panelists from Stony Brook University, Dartmouth University, Colorado College, and the Consortium for Faculty Diversity, hear what tangible steps institutions have taken in the past year and how you might replicate these successes on your campus. Want to add to the conversation?


Dr. Mónica Bugallo

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Stony Brook University

Dr. Dean Lacy

Professor of Government and Assistant Provost for Faculty Recruitment, Dartmouth University

Dr. Heidi Lewis

Director and Associate Professor of Feminist & Gender Studies and inaugural Coordinator of Early Career Faculty Development, Colorado College

Dr. Jack Ryan

Vice Provost and Dean of Arts and Humanities, Gettysburg College; Coordinator, Consortium for Faculty Diversity