Ruthie Goodell

Ruthie is responsible for making sure Interfolio is a great place to work. As Culture Manager, she can use her passion for event planning to find creative ways to bring the team together to strengthen bonds and promote the mission of the organization. Day to day experience for team members is a priority for her, as well as keeping the office operating smoothly. She also leads the recruiting efforts for the company. Ruthie joined the team in early 2016, having moved back to the DC area from Seattle, where she worked at Amazon. A graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University, Ruthie also served on their Board of Directors and the “W” Association (Board of former athletes). Higher education is something Ruthie is very passionate about, and she was excited to join a company who’s mission focuses on the importance of faculty first and universities.

Director, Talent Acquisition Dogmom to Instagram heartthrob @beacontheshorkie.