Dedicated to
Putting Faculty

We build smart technology to
help with decisions made by
and about faculty.

For the most important element
of higher education.

At Interfolio, we're dedicated to increasing transparency, equity, and efficiency around the academic decisions at the heart of the university mission. We do this by addressing faculty first. We believe faculty is the group most central to the success of higher education, but their work too often goes unsupported by smart technology that makes their lives easier and more productive. That's where we help.

The Team

Meet the dedicated thinkers behind Interfolio.


Andrew Rosen

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Goldenberg

Founder, President & Chief Product Officer

Noah Rosenberg

Chief Financial Officer

Jack Dilanian

Chief Commercial Officer


Max Swagler

Managing Director, Client Success

Armon Nasrollahi

Scholar Services, Team Lead

Wazhma Saidi

Client Success Manager

Madison Wilkinson

Scholar Advocate

Prisca Kim

Scholar Advocate

Robin Price

Scholar Advocate

Angelica Alston

Scholar Advocate

David Schenirer

Client Success Manager

Sally O’Brien

Client Success Manager

Marcus Moreno

Technical Writer and Learning Strategy Specialist


Marshall Hill

Senior Account Executive

Jane Cha

Associate Director, Sales Operations

Brad Surdam

Sales Development, Team Lead

Zach Ulm

Account Executive

Gabe Martin

Account Executive

Wes Lyon

Account Executive

Margaret Gray

Sales Development Representative

Gavin Patton

Sales Development Representative


Megan Cole

Vice President, Marketing

Katherine Kelly, Ph.D.

Managing Director, Brand and Editorial Strategy

Phil Morley

Editorial Manager


Ben Wang

Vice President, Strategy

Erin Mayhood

Product Director

Jack Gaynor

Product Director

Laurie Tapia

User Experience Designer

Julie Lundy

Analyst, Market Research

Michael Bishop, Ph.D.

Learning Strategist and Lead Technical Writer


Scott Varho

Vice President, Product and Technology

Dominic O’Connor

Managing Director, Engineering

Joe Edgar

Software Engineer

Molly Pickral

Senior Engineer, Team Lead

Joe Brislin

Senior Engineer, Team Lead

Anthony Costanzo

Senior Software Engineer

Jean Ducrot

Software Engineer

Kat Perdue

QA Engineer

Charlie Sharbel

QA Engineer

Ray Faddis

Software Engineer

Greg Wilson

Software Engineer

Jack Grossmann

Software Engineer


Tiffany Wagner

Senior Manager, HR

Christine Burse

Director of Finance

Ethan Fujita

Business Operations Manager

Ruthie Goodell

Director, Operations