Dedicated to
Putting Faculty

We build smart technology to
help with decisions made by
and about faculty.

For the most important element
of higher education.

At Interfolio, we're dedicated to increasing transparency, equity, and efficiency around the academic decisions at the heart of the university mission. We do this by addressing faculty first. We believe faculty is the group most central to the success of higher education, but their work too often goes unsupported by smart technology that makes their lives easier and more productive. That's where we help.

The Team

Meet the dedicated thinkers behind Interfolio.


Andrew Rosen

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Goldenberg

Founder, President & Chief Product Officer

Jack Dilanian

Chief Revenue Officer

Jay Sweda

Chief Financial Officer

Carol Gersten

Chief Client Officer

Megan Cole

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Ben Wang

Senior Vice President, Product Strategy

Tess Frazier

Vice President, Institutional Agreements/Privacy & Chief Compliance Officer

Erin Mayhood

Vice President, Product Management

Darrell Pierre

Vice President, Sales

Max Swagler

Vice President, Customer Success

David Ashman

Vice President, Engineering


Michael Raab

Senior Director, Professional Services Operations

Stephanie Mansfield

Director, Professional Services

Todd McCartney

Director, Technical Services

Armon Nasrollahi

Scholar Services Manager

Melba Fey

Senior Solutions Consultant

David Schenirer

Senior Consultant

Sally O’Brien

Project Manager

Madison Wilkinson

Project Manager

Lauren Wolk

Project Manager

Courtney Edes

Project Manager

Cynthia Riddle

Project Manager

Kelly Doolan

Project Manager

Kelsey Cochran

Instructional Designer and Trainer

Whitney Lea

Interfolio Trainer

Larry Moore

Data Analyst, Team Lead

Golnar Bidkhori

Data Integration Analyst

Casey Roseberry

Data Integration Analyst

Hana Wills

Data Services Integration Engineer

Mike Blythe

Customer Success Advisor

Angelica Alston

Scholar Advocate

Chelsea Whitlow

Scholar Advocate

Karan Kumar

Scholar Advocate

Andrew Hare

Scholar Advocate


Anthony Morris

Managing Director, Sales - Account Management

Marshall Hill

Managing Director, New Sales

Brian Hoffner

Manager, Sales Development

Wes Lyon

Account Executive

Jeff von Rosenberg

Account Executive

Sonia Fisher

Account Executive

Gavin Patton

Account Executive, International

Tommy O’Boyle

Account Executive

David Keffer

Account Executive

Jeff Yenser

Account Executive

Laura Romero

Account Executive

Nadia Isata

Senior Account Manager

Kevin McKeever

Account Manager

Mike Neus

Account Manager

Kristen Kitrick

Account Manager

Will Sickenberger

Senior International Sales Development & Enablement Specialist

Tom Capuano

Sales Development Representative

Jesse Jewell

Sales Development Representative

Cedrick Hardnett

Sales Development Representative

Jasmine Lecky

Sales Development Representative

Michael Mawsha

Sales Development Representative

Taylor Gose

Sales Development Representative


Christine Lee

Senior Director, Editorial & Brand

Justin Howell

Director of Design

Lauren Jarvis

Director, Marketing, Customer Engagement

Phil Morley

Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Vic Jain

Digital Marketing Manager

Julia Rennie

Client Enablement Coordinator


Steve MacKley

Managing Creative Director

Jack Gaynor

Senior Director, Product Management

Katie James

Product Analyst

Jonathan Bissett

Product Manager

Alex Aponte

Product Analyst

Laurie Tapia

Senior User Experience Designer

Michael Bishop, Ph.D.

UX Writer/Content Specialist


Joe Brislin

Principal Architect

Michael Haselton

Principal Data Engineer & Team Lead

Greg Wilson

Principal Engineer

Brad Moore

Lead Software Engineer

Jon Hopson

Senior Software Engineer

Ray Faddis

Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead

Christina Chatham

Senior Software Engineer

Daniel Zajic

Senior Software Engineer

Toby Holmes

Software Engineer

Kamille Norris

Senior Software Engineer

Brady Ford

Software Engineer

Ali Andersen

Software Engineer

Andrew Goss

Data Engineer

Jennifer Glaze

Lead QA Engineer

Charlie Sharbel

Senior QA Engineer

Andrew Allen

QA Automation Engineer

Nikolay Latkin

QA Automation Engineer

Robin Price

QA Test Engineer


Cathy Shaw

Managing Director, Strategy and Corporate Development

Christine Burse

Managing Director, Finance

Tiffany Wagner

Director, HR

Ruthie Goodell

Director, Talent Acquisition

Wei Wang

Director, Accounting

Sam Erhart

Senior Manager, Business Intelligence

Yin Shen

Senior Accountant

Emily Kane

Special Assistant to the CEO

Brittany Turner

Executive Assistant & Operations Team Assistant

Aaron Wilson

Staff Accountant