Andrew Rosen

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Andrew Rosen brings a proven track record of successfully introducing and scaling innovative, problem-solving technologies into new markets. Andrew started his career as an early co-founder of Blackboard where he and the team successfully built and scaled the Learning Management System throughout the education marketplace. At Blackboard, Andrew first served as the General Counsel and early Chief Financial Officer; he evolved into Blackboard’s Chief Corporate Officer, managing mergers, acquisitions, integrations, and all business development, as well as President of Blackboard International, where he started and grew Blackboard’s international business into over 50 countries. After taking Blackboard public, Andrew left to grow Presidium Inc., an early education start-up focused on end user support services, and the preeminent first-mover in solutions that bolster student success and faculty productivity. After growing Presidium to over 550 customers and selling the company, Andrew took time off to focus on his photography before joining the Education Advisory Board (a division of the Advisory Board Company (NASDAQ: ABCO)) as General Manager of its Education Technology. At EAB, Andrew and his team evolved four different analytics and predictive modeling technologies to address the rising issues around student retention and student success. Most recently, Andrew served as the Sr. Executive Vice President and Head of Product at MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR) , a world-class enterprise analytics platform company.

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Sean Newell

CEO Interfolio UK

Sean is the CEO of the Cambridge office of Interfolio UK whose researchfish platform-based SaaS is used by funders, universities and charities across the globe to track scientific research and evidence impact.

Sean studied engineering at Cambridge University and over the past 25 years has worked in the software industry. Originally a software developer, Sean has directed companies and teams, both large and small around the world.

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Carol Gersten

Chief Client Officer

Carol has been focused on making clients successful through service, delivery, and technology activities and implementations since the beginning of her professional career. She has worked across a variety of industries (logistics, biotechnology, and higher education) guiding and leading organizations of professional services, account management, solution consulting, business development, and enterprise technology engagements.

Carol’s background in higher education began at Blackboard in the services organization where she led one of the largest client engagements of Blackboard’s technology, managing a challenging installation and teams of various size and scope who were critical to the success of the engagement. From there she joined up with Blackboard colleagues at Intelliworks, an early-stage education company focused on application and support management solutions for admissions offices. She built and led the delivery and support teams, who thrived as the number of clients increased tenfold while also solidly growing renewal rates to over 90%. While at Hobsons, she was the Vice President of the Outcome Consulting Division, responsible for creating, building and managing their Higher Education Consulting Services Division. More recently, Carol was the Chief Services Officer at Decision Lens working with federal, state and local and commercial clients, and was directly responsible for all client management, education and training services, and full lifecycle account management.

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Jay Sweda

Chief Financial Officer

Jay serves as the Chief Financial Officer at Interfolio, helping to provide strategic and operational financial direction across the organization. Since the late 90s, Jay has served in the finance leadership in a variety of technology based organizations, focused on providing stable financial guidance through growth and turnaround opportunities. His first foray into the education technology industry was in 2016 where he became part of the senior and subsequently executive leadership team at Hobsons, as the company refocused its activities around its three main product lines.

Jay obtained his MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia. He passed the CPA in 1998.

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Megan Cole

Chief Marketing Officer

At Interfolio, Megan helms a comprehensive strategy​ to increase the company’s presence as a leader in the market for higher education software. ​With 11 years of B2B and B2C experience​, Megan has deep expertise developing and implementing integrated marketing programs that drive and increase product adoption, as well as improve community retention. Prior to Interfolio, Megan led the digital badging brand strategy, partnership engagement, and ecosystem development at Mozilla and Badge Labs, as well as led the strategic development and marketing efforts at WeddingWire.

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Ben Wang

Senior Vice President, Product Strategy

Ben is responsible for discovering new ways Interfolio can serve faculty and Institutions through technology. Prior to joining Interfolio, Ben led Product and User Experience for EAB, a division of the Advisory Board Company, an industry leader in advancing student success through innovative technology. Ben holds a B.S. in economics and computer science from Duke University.

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David Ashman

Senior Vice President, Engineering

David leads the engineering team at Interfolio where he manages all aspects of software product delivery, including software engineering, quality assurance and production operations. David has 25 years of experience as a software engineer and architect. Thirteen years of his career have been devoted to leading educational technology organizations, ranging from early childhood through higher education, including his role as Chief Architect of Blackboard’s flagship learning management platform. David specializes in agile, cloud and DevOps transformations within organizations looking to advance their technology practices. He has presented on his unique technical transformation experiences in the workforce to a variety of audiences including at international conferences like DevOps Enterprise Summit. He also contributed a case study to The DevOps Handbook. David holds a BS in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis.

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Aaron Knox

Vice President, Sales - Enterprise

As veteran education technology leader, Aaron has spent nearly two decades helping institutions innovate, support students, and create operational efficiencies. Prior to Interfolio, he has held senior leadership positions at eLumen – the first provider of integrated outcomes assessment and curriculum management software, Labster an ed tech innovator focused on the delivery of virtual reality to support bringing STEM programs online, and Blackboard.

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Erin Mayhood

Vice President, Product Management

Erin imagines a world where faculty feel supported, respected, and free to have the impact on students and research that they have worked so hard to achieve.

Following 8 years in higher education as an information scientist and UX specialist at University of Virginia and Boston University, Erin joined Interfolio’s efforts to build thoughtful, well-designed products for faculty and administrators. In her current role as Product Manager, she works with leadership & product strategy to imagine, research, mockup, and test products on the growing Interfolio platform. She also serves as Product Owner for our Agile engineering team.

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