Faculty Activity Reporting

Reliable, easy-to-access data about faculty accomplishments is hard to collect.

The contributions that college and university faculty make in teaching, research, and service are central to the institution’s mission—and they reflect a substantial investment of institutional resources. Yet faculty activity reporting challenges are numerous, making it difficult to centralize and record these contributions. 

What would institutions of higher education need in order to freely, accurately study faculty activity at any time of year? What faculty activity reporting solutions exist to help? 

Faculty Participation for Accurate Data

Solving challenges around faculty activity reporting only works if it benefits faculty in their own careers. The endeavor falls flat if you’re simply translating a mountain of paperwork into digital format. Top faculty activity reporting solutions recognize that scholars are busy enough actually doing their job without having to constantly re-enter it for the benefit of the administration.

Instead, Interfolio’s faculty activity offering actively serves the needs of scholars at any stage of their career. When you provide user-friendly tools that enable faculty to continually maintain their professional dossiers well in advance of formal reviews, you serve the individual’s needs and the institution’s needs at once. 

Usability for Administration

Unfortunately, streamlining data collection in faculty activity reporting at many schools typically involves sending staff on a mission around the institution to ask different offices for disparate information. It takes up staff time, and the distance of leadership from the source of the data itself limits how helpful the exercise actually is.

The Interfolio Faculty180 faculty activity reporting platform offers administrators at your school a self-service interface to pull simple, clear reports for themselves throughout the year—containing data that has been personally validated by the faculty whose work it reflects.

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