UC San Diego

University of California, San Diego became an Interfolio client partner in 2017. They currently use Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure and Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty180). The flexibility that Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure allows both the faculty and staff as they create and edit cases is noted as one of the best features and reasons to use this technology on campus. They’ve also embraced Dossier’s capabilities as a place where faculty can accumulate and edit their case materials in real-time, online throughout their career.

UCSD has been a contributor on the Interfolio Product Advisory Committee for multiple years, and most recently is serving on the Interfolio Steering Committee.

See what Jenna Lucius, Interfolio Trainer at UCSD, has to say about the importance of using and embracing technology on campus.

Press Release

“We are excited to embark on this partnership with a company that actively collaborates and gathers feedback with its partner institutions and faculty user groups to tackle the highly complex issues in higher education.”

-Cindy Palmer, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel

Case Study: San Diego State University

“We’ve found that bureaucratic anxiety about procedural details was overshadowing the more important effort to help faculty build their careers and advance. We’re excited about moving away from the physical demands of the box and towards a more digital, accessible solution that allow us to focus on substantive conversations about promotion and tenure.”

-Joanna Brooks, Associate Vice President of Faculty Advancement and Professor of English and Comparative Literature

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