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On-Demand Panel: Maximizing Faculty Data with a Faculty Information System

Watch the panel discussion for global and institutional views of faculty impact.

Representatives from University of Toledo and Kings College London share their perspectives.

Universities have access to a wealth of data about the work of scholars—but how can that data be actionable and beneficial to both the faculty and the institution? How can a faculty information system that focuses on a full picture of faculty contributions and development—research, teaching, grants, committee work, innovation—most productively fuel research collaboration and public research profiles?

Jonathan Grant discusses research impact from a global viewpoint. Grant is the Founding Director of Different Angles, senior advisor to Researchfish, professor of public policy at King’s College London, and author of the forthcoming book The New Power University.

Elissa Falcone, an Academic Project Manager, shares a case study on how The University of Toledo tracks and reports scholarship, teaching, and service to support faculty and institutional goals. The discussion explores what a faculty information system-centered approach to RIM entails.

Faculty Information System

White Paper: The Faculty Information System

Read the updated edition of our popular white paper to find out:

  • Why build for faculty first?
  • What colleges and universities stand to gain by supporting and studying faculty work with a modern, digital-first system
  • The six specific elements of higher education faculty information