ESU & UNC RPT Webinar

On-Demand Digital Roundtable: East Stroudsburg University + University of North Carolina, Pembroke

How Modern Universities Manage Faculty Evaluations

Interfolio is different from conventional data/workflow technologies due to its “full lifecycle” approach to your faculty members’ time at your institution. 

In addition to flexible evaluation workflows that eliminate hours of administrative work, ensure compliance with policies, and give faculty clarity, Interfolio helps universities:

  • Anticipate future faculty milestones and eligibility
  • See a visual representation of all faculty career paths (both expected and actual)
  • Easily document, confirm, and compare faculty employment agreements
  • Hire faculty and report on recruitment data
  • Easily collect and report on reliable faculty activity data

About our client guests

We were thrilled to speak with Dr. William Bajor, Director Graduate & Extended Studies and Dr. Rob Smith (AVP) at East Stroudsburg University and Dr. Scott Billingsley, Professor of History and Associate Provost at University of North Carolina, Pembroke about how they have improved faculty evaluations at their institutions. Both of these institutions have joined the growing number of colleges and universities that run faculty evaluations and other workflows through the Interfolio platform.

We discussed aspects like:

  • How Interfolio alleviates the administrative burden required to conduct faculty evaluation cases properly and equitably
  • What kinds of new information and transparency around faculty career development these universities have gained by using Interfolio
  • Why an effective faculty evaluations technology has become a new requirement for modern universities of all sizes

We also provided a short product demonstration to better understand the Interfolio module approach.

This Digital Roundtable was recorded on March 25, 2021

Faculty Information System

White Paper: The Faculty Information System

Read the updated 2020 edition of our popular white paper to find out:

  • Why build for faculty first?
  • What colleges and universities stand to gain by supporting and studying faculty work with a modern, digital-first system
  • The six specific elements of higher education faculty information