University of Missouri

On-Demand Virtual Forum – Leaders in Academic Affairs: the Power of Data

Institutional leaders, on a global scale, are faced with the challenge of prioritizing various institutional goals on a set budget. In an increasingly digital world, a Faculty Information System (FIS) is becoming higher education’s imperative to save faculty time and reduce administrative burden. One data-driven focus area of the FIS by Interfolio is robust reporting for internal and external needs—like accreditation— supporting institutional leaders with a responsive tool within their academic tech stack. Hear perspectives on the realm of faculty data from client guests at University of Missouri and University of Nevada, Reno. Today over 400 higher education institutions, research funders, and academic organizations based in 15 countries—and over 700,000 active scholars on the job market—use Interfolio’s technology. 

In this On-Demand virtual event you’ll understand:

  • Why institutions choose an FIS to support various faculty processes & reporting needs
  • How modern technology yields a competitive advantage over peers
  • What data goals an FIS might help you achieve 
  • The benefits of a platform-approach and more

“Faculty need to be able to provide the whole story of what they do to their chair: teaching, research, and service—and the impact of these activities…These stories are invaluable as administrators must communicate the impact of the faculty and their work to the public and legislators.”

-Kathy Schmidtke Felts, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics, University of Missouri System

This webinar was recorded on May 20, 2021

Faculty Information System

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