Part of the 2020 Faculty Lifecycle Webinars series

How can faculty review, tenure, and promotion be made easier—and equitable?

This free webinar will introduce the Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure module for professional review workflows of scholars in higher education.

With its scholar- and committee-friendly approach, Interfolio transforms your annual, labor-intensive faculty review cycles into an efficient and equitable process that is faithful to your institution’s academic handbook.

The webinar will provide some background on the approach that sets Interfolio apart from other systems used to manage academic workflows and career advancement, and will give a functional demonstration of the module’s features and uses.

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Free White Paper: Evaluating New Digital Systems for Managing Promotion & Tenure

How can we get faculty onboard to take P&T online?

Faculty members often cast a skeptical eye on changes to new technologies—and (usually) with good reason. Nevertheless, modern higher education widely recognizes the transformative value of a faculty information system. Download our free white paper on 3 questions faculty should ask about any system their institution is considering for promotion, tenure, or other academic professional reviews.

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