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Webinar: Modernizing Faculty Management: Interfolio’s Vision and Roadmap for 2021

Higher education—and indeed, the world at large—has undergone a dramatic shift this past year. We look ahead to 2021 and our vision for empowering scholars worldwide to advance their work, their careers, and their institutions.

CEO Andrew Rosen discussed how Interfolio’s platform approach connects academic recruitment, faculty activity data, committee work, and impact tracking, bringing the scholar’s professional journey into a central place.

Ben Wang, Senior Vice President of Product, discussed our customer-centric approach to product strategy and will share themes and initiatives of the 2021 roadmap.

In this webinar, we covered:
  • How faculty and their challenges impact Interfolio’s work and product outlook, and what we learned in 2020
  • What faculty technology trends/patterns we’ve seen recently, including Faculty Information Systems being named a top 10 strategic technology for higher education in 2020 by Gartner (attribute) 
  • Where Interfolio is headed with our upcoming product innovation

Webinar Guests

Andrew Rosen

Andrew Rosen

Chief Executive Officer, Interfolio


Ben Wang

Senior Vice President, Product, Interfolio

This webinar aired in January 2021.

Faculty Information System

White Paper: The Faculty Information System

Read the updated 2020 edition of our popular white paper to find out:

  • Why build for faculty first?
  • What colleges and universities stand to gain by supporting and studying faculty work with a modern, digital-first system
  • The six specific elements of higher education faculty information