Georgetown University

On-Demand Webinar: How Georgetown Streamlined Faculty Hiring with Seamless Integrations

Learn how a leading institution is maximizing integrations to streamline faculty searches

Georgetown University has been an Interfolio partner for over five years, and has long been an innovative leader in modernizing various faculty processes. Georgetown leverages Interfolio Faculty Search to recruit top talent and facilitate committee reviews within a user-friendly platform. Like many institutions, Georgetown conducts other aspects of searches such as budgeting and approval through an Enterprise Resource Planning system like Workday. 

In this webinar, Georgetown will demonstrate the following outcomes of adopting Interfolio:
  1. A consistent process for candidates and departments
  2. Uniform data collection for applicants and committees
  3. Compliance with EEO and Demographic Reporting
  4. Increased efficiency by saving time on transfers of information
  5. How easy Interfolio is to use for applicants and search committees


Emily Fitzgerald

Georgetown University
HCM Senior Business Analyst
University Information Services

Charlie Leonhardt

Georgetown University
Director of Online Initiatives and Innovation University Information Services

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