Interfolio’s Faculty Information System and Your School

Wednesday, April 11 / 11:00 AM -12:00 PM Central Daylight Time

At your university, are faculty hiring, activity reporting, and academic review workflows well supported and well tracked?

This free webinar and Q&A, specifically geared toward institutions of higher education in Texas, introduces how Interfolio can help your institution with faculty hiring, ongoing scholar development, faculty activity reporting, and academic committee workflows (e.g. tenure, promotion, reappointment).

By taking a faculty-first approach toward the academic technology they choose for these processes, institutions that use Interfolio see benefits like:

  • Directly validated academic data, conveniently curated by faculty members
  • Substantially reduced time for faculty to fulfill annual review requests and committee duties
  • Transparent and equitable processes that provide insight into progress for promotion cases
  • An increased ability for faculty to focus on teaching and research output, increased student satisfaction
  • Reduced cost in general administration associated with hiring, review, and promotion

The webinar includes:

  • A brief look at some pressing challenges in higher education that should compel academic leaders to invest in faculty
  • An introduction to Interfolio’s presence in Texas today (read about our work with UT-Austin here)
  • A live demo of the Faculty Information System.

This webinar took place in April 2018.

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