On-Demand Webinar: Why Now? Academic Affairs Leaders on Digital Transformation

As you think ahead to 2022, how do your goals for faculty support and advancement relate to larger institutional goals? Do you have the digital systems in place for faculty to excel, with technology designed for them? Hear from experts in our recent webinar on why they made the transformation to purpose-built evaluation software.

Listen to the in-depth discussion on why now (or yesterday, really) is the time to invest wholeheartedly in both your faculty and institution with advanced digital systems to simplify the review, promotion, and tenure processes.

Featuring two academic affairs leaders: 

Albert Liddicoat

Vice President for University Personnel

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Patricia Price

Patricia Price

Associate Provost for Academic Administration and Faculty Development and Research

CUNY Baruch

We discussed:

  • First-hand experience and advice on adopting and implementing an institution-wide digital platform for faculty evaluations.
  • Why 300+ institutions have chosen to partner with us over other vendors or homegrown systems.
  • How the flexibility of Interfolio’s Review, Promotion & Tenure product can be adapted to meet your institution’s unique needs.

eBook: Strategic Success with Faculty Activity Reporting

eBook: Supporting Faculty Careers (During COVID-19 and Beyond)

Download the free eBook to understand:

  • What has worked best for colleges and universities that handle faculty affairs processes online
  • Why today may be the right time to rethink faculty development programs and resources
  • How the Interfolio platform is helping your peer universities adapt to changes in the faculty work experience