On-Demand Summit Session: Tracking Faculty Accomplishments to Improve Teaching

July 9, 2020 | 3:15-4:00 PM EST

How can tracking faculty activities improve teaching outcomes on your campus?

Andy Goodman, Director in the Office of Academic Affairs for the University of Missouri System, shares his thoughtful approach to configuring Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty180) to structure and take in data to produce insightful outcomes.

In this session from the Interfolio Virtual Summit, Andy demonstrates how building your product instance to reflect reporting desires is a critical step in implementation. He shares templates, examples from faculty, and other learnings you can apply to your usage of Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty180) on your campus.


Andy Goodman

Andy Goodman is a Director in the Office of Academic Affairs at the University of Missouri System. He is the former Center for Teaching and Learning director and current faculty member at the University of Missouri – St. Louis. He leads system-wide initiatives like the adoption of Open Educational Resources and improving teaching effectiveness.

eBook: Managing Faculty Online

2020 has been a year for rapid change. Have your faculty affairs processes kept up? Download this eBook to learn how five institutions approach online faculty management.

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In Conversation: Adrianna Kezar + Andrew Rosen

Thursday, June 18, 2020 / Noon – 1 PM ET

Join Andrew Rosen and Adrianna Kezar for a discussion about the pressures on higher education and the future of faculty.

As colleges and universities prepare for uncertainty with respect to tuition and research revenue, state funding, and endowments, many institutions are also exploring the expansion of revenue opportunities.

While it is obvious that COVID-19 will have short and long term impacts on the business of higher education, what are the implications on tenure, non-tenure track, and contingent faculty? Are we witnessing the dawn of a new era in this existential crisis?

About our featured guests

About Adrianna Kezar

Adrianna Kezar is the Dean’ s Professor of Leadership, Wilbur-Kieffer Professor of Higher Education at the University of Southern California, and Director of the Pullias Center for Higher Education.  A national expert on change, governance and leadership in higher education, Kezar is regularly quoted in the media, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Atlantic, Boston Globe, Washington Post, PBS, and NPR (national and local stations), among others. At the Pullias Center, Kezar directs the Delphi Project on the Changing Faculty and Student Success, and is an international expert on the changing faculty. Her latest book is The Gig Academy: Mapping Labor in the Neoliberal University (October, 2019). 

About Andrew Rosen

As CEO at Interfolio, Andrew Rosen brings a proven track record of successfully introducing and scaling innovative, problem-solving technologies into new markets. Andrew started his career as an early co-founder of Blackboard where he and the team successfully built and scaled the Learning Management System throughout the education marketplace. After taking Blackboard public, Andrew left to grow Presidium Inc., an early education start-up focused on end user support services and then joined the Education Advisory Board as General Manager of its Education Technology. At EAB, Andrew and his team evolved analytics and predictive modeling technologies to address the rising issues around student retention and student success. Most recently, Andrew served as the Sr. Executive Vice President and Head of Product at MicroStrategy, a world-class enterprise analytics platform company.

Free eBook: Rapid Digital Transformation for your Faculty Affairs Processes

Compiled and published in the time of COVID-19, our free eBook pulls together best practices around online faculty evaluations and professional reviews, planning ahead for future digital transformation, and more.

Digital Panel: Achieving a Diverse Faculty Workforce in the 2020s

A diverse faculty composition and inclusive academic workplace is critical to institutional success

While specific steps for achieving faculty diversity and an inclusive workplace have been proposed for decades, the choices and insights available in today’s highly digitized context may open new doors. Watch our on-demand recording to learn where academic leaders focus their efforts to impact diversity, equity and inclusion in 2020.

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Zulema Valdez Thumbnail

Zulema Valdez

Associate Vice Provost for the Faculty and Professor at University of California, Merced

Christy Pichichero Thumbnail

Christy Pichichero

Associate Professor and Director of Faculty Diversity in the College of Humanities at George Mason University

Genyne Boston Thumbnail

Genyne H. Boston

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

How did Yale University improve the logistics of their review, promotion, and tenure processes?

Thursday, June 11, 2020 / 2-3 p.m. EST

Yale University struggled with a convoluted faculty promotion workflow that was dependent on one centralized office.

Since 2014, when they were early adopters of Interfolio’s Review, Promotion & Tenure module, Yale has dramatically reduced the workload of the faculty affairs office, while still incorporating the oversight, support, and approval standards required by the institution. Two faculty affairs leaders from Yale discuss the challenges they faced and how their use of Interfolio has evolved over time, including what has changed for their office during the current COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Pam Bosward, Assistant Director of Faculty Affairs
  • Audrey Bribiescas, Faculty Services Manager

You’ll learn about:

  • How the current environment influenced Yale’s review, promotion, and tenure processes
  • Best practices around implementing a review, promotion, and tenure process using a digital platform like Interfolio
  • Benefits Yale realized from an online review, promotion and tenure process

How is higher education thinking about business continuity in faculty affairs during COVID-19?

East Stroudsburg University, Vanderbilt University, Tulane University, American College of Education, and University College London discuss how their departments are navigating faculty processes, shifting priorities, and approaching digital transformation. 

Our panelists include:

  • William J. Bajor, Ph.D., Director, Graduate and Extended Studies, East Stroudsburg University 
  • Danielle Certa, Assistant Director of Faculty Appointments, Faculty Affairs: Office of the Vice Provost, Vanderbilt University
  • Alysia K. Loshbaugh, Assistant Vice President for Business Relationship Management, Tulane University
  • Natalie Pelham, Ed.D., Senior Director of Training & Development, American College of Education 
  • Nina Seppala, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs, University College London

What You’ll Learn

Hear from higher education peers about business continuity and how faculty’s mission-critical work continues during COVID. Panelists discuss what was most challenging when going fully remote and the role of technology in this transition. We hear crowd-sourced best practices and close with a Q&A session.

This webinar took place in May 2020.

Free eBook: Rapid Digital Transformation for your Faculty Affairs Processes

Compiled and published in the time of COVID-19, our free eBook pulls together best practices around online faculty evaluations and professional reviews, planning ahead for future digital transformation, and more.

Interfolio hosted a client-only webinar to address higher education workflow changes and trends we saw among our client partners during COVID-19. Our panel of Interfolio consultants and project managers discussed ways to use your Interfolio modules to track changes and delays you may have experienced because of COVID-19. 

We shared stories and best practices from peers at partner institutions, including the steps they’re taking to manage different processes across campus. We are here as a constant partner in your planning, support, and success. 

If you use Interfolio at your institution, you can find the recording of this April 2020 webinar, as well as specific articles on how to use the platform to track various aspects of COVID-19 impact, in the Interfolio Client Community here. Or else, please contact your Account Manager for assistance.

April 21, 2020 | 3:00-3:30 PM GMT 

[UK Funders] Can research outcomes data be used in decision making by funding organisations?

Chief Data Analyst Gavin Reddick will discuss how the activities, outcomes and outputs from research projects can be used for advocacy, allocation, and accountability analysis by funders and research organisations.

Join us for a free 30 minute webinar where Gavin will show real life examples of how funding can be tracked through non-linear pathways to impact and how analysis of activities such as policy influences, collaborations, commercialisation and others can help funders improve their strategic decision making.

Showing Research Impact with Researchfish by Interfolio

Impact assessment is a major focus of modern funding bodies, higher education institutions, and research centers. But the total impact of funded research activity takes many different forms—not just publications and inventions. And data validated by the researcher is the key.

Funders, universities, and research centers worldwide use Interfolio’s Researchfish to track, study, and communicate the total impact of their research.

Part of the 2020 Faculty Lifecycle Webinars series

How can faculty review, tenure, and promotion be made easier—and equitable?

This free webinar will introduce the Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure module for professional review workflows of scholars in higher education.

With its scholar- and committee-friendly approach, Interfolio transforms your annual, labor-intensive faculty review cycles into an efficient and equitable process that is faithful to your institution’s academic handbook.

The webinar will provide some background on the approach that sets Interfolio apart from other systems used to manage academic workflows and career advancement, and will give a functional demonstration of the module’s features and uses.

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Free White Paper: Evaluating New Digital Systems for Managing Promotion & Tenure

How can we get faculty onboard to take P&T online?

Faculty members often cast a skeptical eye on changes to new technologies—and (usually) with good reason. Nevertheless, modern higher education widely recognizes the transformative value of a faculty information system. Download our free white paper on 3 questions faculty should ask about any system their institution is considering for promotion, tenure, or other academic professional reviews.

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Part of the 2020 Faculty Lifecycle Webinars series

What makes a faculty data platform successful?

This free webinar will introduce the Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting module for collecting and reporting on data about the professional activities of faculty members in higher education. 

Interfolio makes a variety of reporting needs around faculty data more convenient, and more accurate, including:

  • Accreditation
  • CV generation
  • Budgeting
  • Grants
  • Department evaluation
  • and many other academic data sharing needs

Free White Paper: Data in Faculty Affairs

How can your university get the most out of tracking faculty data?

Download our free white paper on data in faculty affairs to learn what types of faculty data it’s common to collect, how to ensure high data quality and consistent coverage, and what sorts of insights colleges and universities are newly starting to gain with modern faculty data methods.

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Part of the 2020 Faculty Lifecycle Webinars series

How do modern universities make faculty hiring efficient, equitable, and easily reportable?

This free webinar introduces the Interfolio Faculty Search module for managing hiring and recruitment of scholars in higher education. The webinar provides some background on the scholar-centric approach that sets the Interfolio Faculty Information System apart from other systems used to manage hiring in higher education, and will give a functional demonstration of the module’s features and uses.

Watch this free webinar to learn:

  • Why higher education has historically suffered when faculty hiring has been run through systems not adequately designed for scholars
  • What features, actions, and uses the Interfolio Faculty Search module includes
  • How some real colleges and universities are benefiting from running faculty hiring through Interfolio

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Free White Paper (new!): The Modern Faculty Recruitment Playbook

Want to bring your academic hiring and recruitment practices in line with what other forward-thinking institutions are doing today?

Download our free, brand-new guide, The Modern Faculty Recruitment Playbook, for a wealth of practical tips on how modern colleges and universities successfully run their faculty hiring. Gathered from presentations and conversations with institutions that use Interfolio, as well as popular contemporary resources on the topic (and twenty years of serving the academic job market), the guide walks you through a full academic hire, step by step.