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The Interfolio Data Service is higher education’s new path to accurate and reliable faculty data. A unique feature set within the Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting module, the Data Service processes data from a massive pool to ensure data quality and coverage.

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Regularly Pull in Data About Faculty Members’ Work

On an ongoing basis, the Interfolio Data Service identifies and brings in citation data on your faculty members’ academic work, including journal articles, books, book chapters, and conference proceedings. 

The Data Service comes connected to an expanding group of sources that include over 230 million records, published and tracked in over 60,000 reputable periodicals and other outlets.

Eliminate Data Cleanup with Behind-the-Scenes Smart Matching 

Behind the scenes, the Interfolio Data Service does the data processing for you before the imported data is ever shown to your scholars for validation. The Data Service normalizes the format of the data, matches between different scholars with similar names, and consolidates duplicate records.

Build a Trustworthy Data Pool with Natural Validation by Scholars

The Interfolio Data Service presents scholars with an intuitive, frictionless user experience that incentivizes them to validate the academic data found for them. Only after a scholar has validated their data will it be saved to their profile in Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty180).

Draw on Reliable Data for CVs, Faculty Reviews, Reporting, and More

Once the data has been validated and saved, enable faculty and administrators to draw on your accumulated pool of accurate data. Use it in faculty professional reviews/annual reviews, grant applications, accreditation reporting, and more. Be able to trust the data, gain insights, and save everyone time.

“We were looking for a tested solution with the ability to save faculty time and effort in collecting and submitting their accomplishments.”

Adam Finlayson, Functional Solutions Lead, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences, Northwestern University

“You’d be surprised how many companies can’t tell you what their roadmap is, can’t tell you with any sort of clarity what they’re thinking about for their future. They come back with a, ‘We can do whatever you need us to do, tell us what you want.’ We wanted a company innovating on our behalf, not making us think about it for them.”

Chris Ardeel, MBA, Information Systems Analyst + Account Manager , Butler University

“Many existing enterprise systems are not designed for higher education. Interfolio stands apart because of its focus on faculty.”

Alyssa Kupka, Chief of Staff and Senior Associate Vice President, DePaul University

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