Faculty activity reporting for accreditation and self-service analytics.

The New Standard in Faculty Activity Reporting

Innovated by academics for academe, and boasting the most comprehensive feature-set in the category, FACULTY180 (developed by DATA180 and now offered by Interfolio) is an online platform for faculty activity reporting. It enables an academic institution of any size or type to make accurate faculty activity data available to authorized users located anywhere, and to produce reports on this data in custom formats for different scenarios, such as accreditation.

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Improve Data Quality, Eliminate Data Redundancy

The entire FACULTY180 data management and reporting software is designed to maximize the quality and accessibility of faculty data, while eliminating outdated redundancies. With flexible tools for data-input and reporting-output, plus multiple levels of customization, your organization will create the datasets it needs while abolishing the database duplication it doesn’t.

Step Up to the Efficiency of Software-as-a-Service

The advantages of Software-As-A-Service computing are well known beyond academe. But many educational institutions still suffer from data silos and the redundancies they create, both in data and staff resources. Thanks to FACULTY180’s Data-Hub model, all your faculty databases will be centralized, secure, and always accessible, from a single interface in your web browser.

Streamline Data Collection

FACULTY180 eliminates wasted time on data collection and reporting and empowers users with built-in workflows. Combining user-friendly interface design, time-saving tools, event-triggered housekeeping prompts, administrative oversight, and more, it provides proven paths to faculty participation and more accurate and complete faculty data.

Empower with Self-Service Reporting & Analytics

Now your school can have real-time and on-demand access to the latest knowledge. FACULTY180’s highly-interactive, dynamic, custom reporting and analytics tools give your administrators access to the answers they need, whenever they need them, which means they can get back to doing what they do best.

Inspire Networking, Collaboration, & Outreach

Not only does FACULTY180 connect faculty and administrators to shared databases; it also enables permission-based access for internal and external users. Designed to foster academic partnerships, the system will promote networking among your faculty and will inspire your school’s collaborative endeavors with businesses, government, and the community-at-large.

Rollout Quickly

FACULTY180 is fast to deploy and simple to use. Our expert deployment team, combined with a host of support tools (including training videos for both faculty and administrative users) will guide your staff through a smooth and successful implementation. We will have you up and running in no time.

Enjoy the Best Customer Service in the Business

For us, customer service and satisfaction are paramount. It’s why the FACULTY180 solution comes with your own dedicated service experts. From initial deployment on, they’re with you all the way: accessible and collaborative partners who will get to know you and your school’s unique dynamics and ensure that you get the most out of your solution. We succeed only when you do.


Innovation Inspired by Real-World Academic Challenges

A culmination of more than a decade of innovation, customer collaboration, and proven deployments—all with a relentless focus on everyday academic rigors—FACULTY180 contains more features than any comparable solution.

Flexible Customization

  • Customize the system by building and managing input structures (sections and fields) from the user interface, or have us build the input templates
  • Build custom forms and use them in built-in workflow processes
  • Modify the system within minutes at any time

Data-Hub Approach

  • Integrate citation data and other analytics from bibliographic databases and reference management software
  • Import faculty data from campus ERP systems
  • Transfer data from other software applications (e.g. course evaluation systems and grant databases)
  • Migrate data from other in-house and competitor faculty reporting systems

Faculty Input Workflows

  • Schedule and notify faculty of formal input periods (e.g. each semester or each year)
  • Document which faculty members have completed the work and send reminders to those who have not
  • Review and approve faculty input
  • Use time-saving input features, such as importing scholarly works and copying ongoing activities forward

Faculty Evaluation & Performance Review

  • Select faculty members to be evaluated (e.g. for annual review, promotion, sabbatical, tenure)
  • Select evaluators (e.g. administrators, committee members, other faculty)
  • Define documents to be reviewed and the time period of activities therein
  • Collect evaluation letters and response forms
  • Schedule faculty responses to evaluation results

Search Features

  • Perform searches on the database to identify collaborators for grant writing and research projects
  • Enhance opportunities for outreach and external partnerships with external searching of the database

Reporting Functionality

  • Edit incorrect or missing data from report screens
  • Drill-down from aggregated levels to the details in a few clicks
  • Export reports to Excel, Word, or PDF
  • Access supporting documents from within reports
  • Create agile and interactive visual analytics
  • Filter results by activity tags and faculty tags
  • Bookmark configured reports for quick access, and share these bookmarks with others

Report Types

  • Generate CVs, faculty evaluation reports, and biosketches
  • Create ad hoc reports
  • Access pre-built accreditation reports
  • Use custom reports built for specific needs
  • Generate search results to enhance collaboration and networking
  • Use web services to utilize data in other campus systems

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