Usually “busy season” refers to the dreaded time of the year for tax professionals. Well, Interfolio deals with numbers too! During our busy season, when scholars are applying for jobs and we are helping them send and quality check their applications, those numbers can teeter off into the thousands. We see thousands of documents from scholars and send thousands of deliveries every day during this season.

It could be a dreaded time for us as well—if we failed to satisfy our customers. However, it’s the time of year that we are most proud of because the stakes and expectations are high—in fact, each year they are even higher than the year before. Each season we try to take things up a notch in customer service. We strategize throughout the year in preparation for a rush of adrenaline that is over before we realize it’s even begun. Everyone benefits from this adrenaline rush, especially our friends at Starbucks! The office atmosphere is that of jockeys in a horse race. Who will get the most deliveries processed? Who will meet their goals first in the office? Everyone is amped up on caffeine and geared up for the first of many pushes of the season. Happy and satisfied scholars are always our goal. To sum it all up: we take great pride in what we do! The atmosphere is highly competitive and busy, but we never fail to have a little fun during this time either. What a perfect reason to order pizza for the office, coffee for everyone, and snacks throughout the day! For me, the pleasure is being able to take the pressure off the scholar to meet deadlines, and presenting a perfect picture of them to their potential employers. It’s knowing that the headache of gathering paperwork, requesting information from various sources, and filling out applications falls on me and not them.

Busy season marks the time of year where scholars are putting their best foot forward in pursuit of their career. Interfolio understands how crucial this time is, and that’s what drives us to give our scholars our very best. While we effectively move your academic identity from one place to another, we also provide personalized scholar support over the phones and via email.

Aside from just providing great service to our scholars, busy season is also a time when we work even closer and harder as a team. Our teamwork is tested on so many levels, and in the process I find that I learn and appreciate my colleagues even more. There’s an unspoken motto we all live by at Interfolio. The motto is: we care—we do—because we know! We see ourselves as a network for scholars, and as friends. We do this work because many of us have been, or are currently, scholars ourselves, so we know what is expected during this time. As a result, we seek to fulfill those needs and expectations. So if you’re in our neighborhood during busy season, feel free to drop in and say hello, especially if you like pizza, too!