Since 1999, Interfolio has helped hundreds of thousands of scholars:

  • Navigate stressful application processes
  • Request, store, and send confidential letters
  • Collect, curate, and prepare materials
  • Send materials or collections for feedback and mentorship (NEW in January 2018)
  • Guaranteed multi-faceted quality checks on all letters of recommendation (NEW in March 2018)

In July of 2017 we restructured our Dossier pricing model, introducing a free version, with the intent of enabling early-career scholars (as well as those seeking alternative academic professions) to prepare for grad school, a fellowship or their next career opportunity.

We have continued to evolve in 2018.

  • In January we added a new feature for Dossier Deliver users, sharing – the ability to share your collections or materials with anyone, anywhere.
  • Earlier this month, we guaranteed quality checks on all letters of recommendation after entering a Dossier Deliver user’s account.  

So, what’s new in the Dossier user experience?

There’s a new “home” page that serves as a dashboard for your Dossier.

We reimagined the Dossier homepage to now include several features and sections to better address your immediate needs and to display helpful and thoughtful content, relevant to you and your career development.

  • There’s a section at the top of your homepage dedicated to your Dossier activities.
  • A curated content area of your dashboard exists and includes four “cards” that feature help articles, announcements, and blog posts.
  • A new profile “card” in the upper right corner displays your name and the Dossier product you use.
  • We also created a new prompt when you first log into your Dossier. The purpose is to create a more personalized user experience – you’ll select which Interfolio account to access:
    • Your personal Dossier 
    • Your institutional account affiliated with a particular enterprise client institution (i.e. for Faculty Search, Faculty180, or Review, Promotion & Tenure)

As our users and the broader academic market have confirmed, an online Dossier must be personal, confidential, easy-to-use and encompass the entire scholarly lifecycle. Team Interfolio is committed to providing the best Dossier experience and welcome your thoughts on features and enhancements you’d like to see. Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Interfolio’s Dossier enables scholars to collect, curate, polish and send out their materials at all stages throughout their academic professional path. Learn more about Dossier here.