We’ve added a sleek notifications feature to all Interfolio user accounts! Whether you’re using your account to access ByCommittee Promotion & Tenure, ByCommittee Faculty Search, your personal Dossier account, or Letter Writer, now you’ve got a way to see exactly what’s awaiting your attention. Going hand in hand with notifications, we’ve also repainted the header and footer of your Interfolio account pages—making for a more unified look and feel.

As many readers will know, a notifications feature is a useful tool that you’ll see in a lot of other online account-based software, from social media to filesharing to banking. It helps you get down to business. In your Interfolio account, when you click on the green notifications button in the upper right corner, here’s what you’ll see:


Some examples of helpful notifications (not exhaustive!):

  • If you’re using a Dossier account to apply for any positions hosted through ByCommittee, you’ll be able to check your notifications to see if any deadlines are approaching for applications you’ve started.
  • If you’re a tenure or promotion candidate using ByCommittee to formally submit your materials for review, you’ll see a notification light up when a deadline is approaching (for a section of your packet, for example), or when the committee has sent you an email through the platform.
  • If you’re a committee member using ByCommittee for a faculty search or a promotion/tenure case, you can check your notifications to see what new job applications, candidate materials, or committee documents you need to act on.
  • If you’re an administrative staff member working in ByCommittee, you can check your notifications to see if there are any positions you have to approve (or if any have been approved), if any positions are closing soon, or if there are committee review deadlines are coming up.

One note: The notifications view is yours alone. So even when you see notifications for, say, ByCommittee, Dossier, and Letter Writer side by side, don’t be scared—your data in each of those three groups is separate. This is your Interfolio account.

Where are the instructions?

Notifications in ByCommittee Promotion & Tenure

Notifications in ByCommittee Faculty Search

Notifications in Dossier

Notifications in Letter Writer

Want to see what notifications you’ve got in your own account? Go ahead and sign in through your institution or sign in from our home page.

Got thoughts about what kinds of notifications you’d like to see? Let us know.