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Assisting faculty members in integrating information technology (IT) into their institution was the top IT priority for colleges and universities in 2014, according to survey results discussed by D. Frank Smith in the November 14 edition of EdTech.

The annual survey, completed by the Campus Computing Project, contains input from IT professionals at 470 colleges and universities about the direction IT is going in higher education.

Following are the results of the survey:

  1. Assisting faculty integrate IT into the institution (81 percent)
  2. Hiring and retaining qualified IT staff (76 percent)
  3. Providing adequate user support/Leveraging IT for student success efforts (tied, 74 percent)
  4. Implementing and supporting mobile computing/Upgrading IT security (tied, 69 percent)
  5. Supporting online education (66 percent)
  6. Data analysis and managerial analytics (55 percent)
  7. Professional development for IT personnel (54 percent)
  8. IT business continuity and disaster planning (53 percent)
  9. Financing the replacement of aging IT (51 percent)
  10. Supporting bring-your-own-device efforts (48 percent)

The results of the survey are similar to those of the 2013 survey.

According to the Kenneth C. Green, of the Campus Computing Project, implementation of technology has become a challenge for many higher education institutions, possibly due to an ongoing weakness in long-range planning for IT security on many campuses. IT professionals also stated that poor user support is a problem for many, Green says.

The full article in EdTech is available here:

Content originally published on Learn more about Interfolio’s acquisition of Data180 here.