We’re excited to roll out an updated appearance for our user account dashboard (the home page that displays when a user signs into their Interfolio account) and for our Dossier, Portfolio, and Letter Writer products. For the time being, the changes are only cosmeticall the same pages retain the same functionality they had beforebut they should make our platform easier and more consistent to navigate.

User Account Dashboard

If you’ve ever signed into an Interfolio account before today, you’ve seen a page like this: 


But from today on, when you sign into your Interfolio account, you will see something like this instead:


Simpler. Easier on the eyes. To get right to instructions on what to do with this, check out this help article.

Rest assured: all of the same links are there. We’ve just reorganized it from what used to be a ton of text into distinct portals that lead into different areas of our platform. As always, the exact contents of the page will depend on which Interfolio products you personally have access to. But we wanted to give users a way to simply and quickly enter their personal work (the jobs they apply to through Dossier, or the letters of recommendation they provide through Letter Writer) or their university work (the hiring and promotion committees they sit on).

For instance, some of our users have access to ByCommittee at more than one institution—they might be on a hiring committee at their home institution, but asked to join a tenure committee at another institution because they are a specialist in the field. If you’re using ByCommittee at two different institutions, you will see separate portals for separate institutions. For example, if you serve on faculty search committees at both University A and University B, you will see ByCommittee Faculty Search portals for both University A and University B on your new dashboard. We did this so that users could keep their work organized between distinct projects and sets of institutional data.

Finally, the separation of institutional data will make possible a new level of precision for our Single Sign-On option, in which a user can use their institutional username and password to sign into our ByCommittee platform. Stay tuned for more information about that in the future!

Dossier (& Portfolio) and Letter Writer

We finally admitted it: it’s time for a paint job. In addition to reorganizing the account dashboard, we have updated the appearance of Dossier (including Portfolio) and Letter Writer to bring them in line with our aesthetic.

Before today, this is what Dossier and Letter Writer looked like:



And from today on, this is what you’ll see:



Again, the functional design of these products has not changed—all that has changed is the color and shape of some buttons, and the styles of some of the text and backgrounds. We just wanted to give you a heads up!