Interfolio Virtual Summit 2022

June 16-17, 2022 | Free Admission

Virtual Summit


Thursday, June 16

Welcome & Keynote Presentation

12:00 – 1 PM EST

Interfolio CEO Andrew Rosen will open the 2022 Interfolio Virtual Summit with a few remarks before turning the stage over to our keynote speaker, Dr. C. Edward Watson, Associate Vice President for Curricular and Pedagogical Innovation at AAC&U.

About the Keynote

Celebrating Faculty Impact: Recognizing and Protecting Higher Education’s Greatest Resource 

When higher education is the focus of news stories or the national spotlight, it is often not in the most flattering light.  There are indeed important trends and concerns that higher education continues to work to address; however, there are also astonishing accomplishments that result from the ongoing work of institutions and their faculty.  In this keynote, we will briefly explore that national spotlight before focusing most specifically on the often-unheralded work that faculty perform in service to students, the public, and democracy.  These endeavors are worthy of celebration. In an era where anxiety, compassion fatigue, and burnout are real threats to our faculty, this session will conclude with concrete recommendations for how to meaningfully recognize faculty accomplishments as well as actions to take to ease burdens and reduce burnout.

About the Speaker

C. Edward Watson, Ph.D. is Associate Vice President for Curricular and Pedagogical Innovation for the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and formerly Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Georgia.  At AAC&U, he leads national and state-level advocacy and policy efforts to advance quality in undergraduate student learning.  He also directs numerous faculty development and institutional capacity building efforts in support of faculty and student success.  He has been quoted in the New York Times, Chronicle of Higher Education, Campus Technology, EdSurge, Consumer Reports, UK Financial Times, and University Business Magazine and on CNN and NPR regarding current issues and trends in higher education.  He is also the author of two recent books, Teaching Naked Techniques:  A Practical Guide to Designing Better Classes and Playing to Learn with Reacting to the Past – Research on High Impact, Active Learning Practices.


C. Edward Watson, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President for Curricular and Pedagogical Innovation

American Association of Colleges and Universities

Andrew Rosen
Andrew Rosen



Expanding Your Faculty Information System: Tackling One Process at a Time

1:00 – 1:50 PM EST

Often, a college or university first adopts an Interfolio module to solve a specific faculty process pain—such as digitizing tenure, hiring efficiently, or passing accreditation. Yet higher education leaders increasingly recognize the multifaceted Faculty Information System as an essential technology across the scholar lifecycle. In this panel, hear how the University of North Texas Health Science Center; the University of Michigan, Dearborn; and Tulane University have seen accumulating benefits from adopting multiple Interfolio modules over time.


Peg Demers

Chief of Staff and Executive Director, Academic Planning and Operations

University of North Texas Health Science Center

Dr. Mitch Sollenberger

Associate Provost and Professor of Political Science

University of Michigan, Dearborn

Kady Weingart

Assistant Provost for Finance and Operations and Chief of Staff

Tulane University

Carol Gersten

Chief Client Officer


Telling a Fuller Story of Faculty Impact with Data

2:00 – 2:50 PM EST

What counts as faculty impact? We know there are many reasons why entities in academia seek to track the total impact of scholars’ work. In different situations, such goals might be securing funding, informing policy, recruiting competitively, representing fields equitably, or others. The difference in these end goals can influence how academic accomplishments are recognized and rewarded. In this panel, hear how several institutions are leveraging the Interfolio platform to tell a fuller story of faculty impact—in a modern way.


Aneesa McDonald
Aneesa McDonald

Faculty Affairs Specialist

University of Wyoming

Dr. Kristin K. Stang

Associate Vice-President of Faculty Affairs & Support and Professor of Special Education

California State University, Fullerton

Dr. Binod Tiwari

Associate Vice President for Research & Sponsored Projects

California State University, Fullerton

Anthony Morris

Vice President, Account Management


Friday, June 17

Fireside Chat

12:00 – 1:00 PM EST

Andrew Rosen and Theo Pillay will discuss the future of higher ed and Elsevier’s acquisition of Interfolio.


Elvin Freytes

Higher Ed Professional, Podcaster, Co-Founder, The EdUp Experience


Andrew Rosen
Andrew Rosen



Theo Pillay

SVP & GM Institutional Products


Faculty Recruitment in the Current Academic Job Market

1:00 – 1:50 PM EST

The academic talent marketplace has been rocked by COVID-19, broad professional “reshuffling,” and an evolving relationship between higher education and other industries. How are colleges and universities today best achieving successful and inclusive faculty recruitment? And how do modernized administrative practices intersect with universities’ strategic recruitment goals? Hear from several academic affairs professionals on what competitive and equitable faculty hiring looks like in 2022 and beyond.


Scott Jaschik


Inside Higher Ed

Dr. Sheanine Allen

Senior Associate Director, Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Columbia University in the City of New York

Russell Johnson

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

Professor of Biology

Colby College

Modernizing Faculty Evaluation Workflows—from Appointment Through Tenure

2:00 – 2:50 PM EST 

Universities develop highly specific processes for faculty professional evaluations in order to maintain academic excellence. Yet every year, the traditional administrative practices for processing P&T and other faculty reviews at once tie up a massive amount of time, and offer alarming room for error. Hear what institutions as diverse as the University of Colorado School of Medicine; the University of California, Los Angeles; and the Dartmouth College Faculty of Arts & Sciences have gained by shifting their tenure, promotion, and other faculty evaluations into Interfolio.


Denise Riccio

Division Coordinator, Social Sciences

Office of the Dean, Faculty of Arts & Sciences

Dartmouth College

Cheryl Welch

Director of Faculty Affairs

University of Colorado School of Medicine (Anschutz Medical Campus)

Erika Chau

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel

University of California, Los Angeles

Sandra Harnden

Project Manager


Product Roadmap: Innovating to Support Faculty Impact and Institutional Success

3:00 – 3:50 PM EST

The full suite of Interfolio’s academic technology plays an increasingly essential role across higher education institutions, the global research funding landscape, and the academic job market. And we couldn’t make it successful without your continued honest input. Join Interfolio product development leaders for a look at how far we’ve come in 2022 already, what priorities we’re currently committed to and evaluating, and the major outcomes we expect to bring to the platform this year and next.


Katie James

Senior Product Manager, Data


Brad Evans

Senior Product Manager, Lifecycle


Laurie Hernandez

UX Director


Day 2 Closing Remarks

3:50 – 4:00 PM EST

CEO Andrew Rosen brings the 2022 Interfolio Virtual Summit to a close—with gratitude to all who attended, and anticipation for next year!


Andrew Rosen
Andrew Rosen

CEO, Interfolio