In 1999, Dossier was founded to serve faculty or soon-to-be faculty on the job market, with the core goal of streamlining the scholar’s application experience. Today Dossier is much more than a tool for those on the job market—it’s a private, lifelong profile for you to collect, curate, share and deliver on your career goals. It also reaches far beyond the typical scholar persona. So, we set out to explore, what picture does Dossier paint of the current academic landscape?

We examined our historical data and use patterns to explore what makes our Dossier users successful and how the product has changed to better serve our users. In many ways, our users have defined our product evolution: our commitment to scholars remains the same, and has now grown to encompass the needs of those outside academe.

A Peek into Interfolio's Dossier infographic

*The data shown is a sample from our users’ profile selections and behaviors. In no way has any personally identifiable information been shared or made available.

Interfolio’s Dossier enables scholars to collect, curate, polish and send out their materials at all stages throughout their academic professional path. Learn more about Dossier here.