We’ve just put out a new free webinar explaining how career centers and academic graduate departments can help their students easily deliver confidential letters and application materials anywhere—and get a discount.

As part of our recent launch of the free Dossier product and paid Dossier Deliver service, we’re also offering a new bulk option for any organization that wants to support a group of students or members embarking on the academic job market at once. It’s called Dossier Packs, and it’s largely structured with career centers and graduate departments in mind.

In the webinar, you’ll hear from Erin Mayhood, Product Director for Dossier at Interfolio. To set the stage, Erin describes some of the research into the academic job market that led Interfolio to restructure Dossier. She discusses things like:

  • Which pressures career centers and graduate departments face that make in-house confidential letter management a strain
  • How long applicants spend on the job market, and when they tend to collect materials
  • What kinds of (non-technical) support academic applicants frequently seek from Interfolio’s service team
  • What factors letter writers are most concerned about, and where they get bottlenecked

In the rest of the webinar, Erin covers the different packages of Dossier and what each one is best for, and takes you through all the resources Interfolio provides to support the success of academic applicants on your campus.

Over the past 17 years, Interfolio has worked with a lot of career centers and departments to transfer and store materials, verify confidentiality and document quality, and assist scholars. For organizations seeking to provide practical resources to recent PhDs, candidates nearing graduation, or other students embarking on a job search, providing Dossier Deliver is one way to help applicants put their best foot forward.

Watch the webinar here.