It’s “busy season” for those on the academic job market—a stressful time that lives up to its name. This blog post is a round-up of essential tips and practical posts to help you be successful using Dossier.

Interfolio’s Dossier is the solution for more than 500,000 individuals actively engaged in managing their career materials, whether on the academic job market, pursuing their PhD, or even taking an alternative academic professional path.

There are two Dossier options: you choose depending on where you are in your career. 

The free version of Dossier enables you to collect, curate, and organize collections of career materials, including requesting and indefinitely storing letters of recommendation. You can also search through thousands of Interfolio-hosted grants, fellowships, and jobs, and apply for free using the materials in your Dossier!

For an annual subscription fee of $48, you receive Dossier Deliver, which includes all of the free Dossier benefits plus the ability to share your materials and receive feedback on them with anyone, anywhere. You also receive 50 delivery credits, enabling you to send your career materials to apply to jobs, grants, fellowships, internships, and even graduate schools that are not hosted by Interfolio.

Both Dossier options are totally private to you and not visible to a current employer or institution, although you can transfer documents to a college or university’s Interfolio account if you wish.

As a Dossier user, your private account is a lifelong, digital repository for your career. 

Here, we’ve included our most-visited blog posts on Dossier, including frequently asked questions, best practices, and insider tips from our Scholar Services support team. 

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