Receiving Faculty Buy-in

Good software makes faculty's life easier, not harder.

Of the estimated $20-$25 billion spent by higher education on technology in 2014, few to none of the purchases went to support the work that faculty do on committees, like hiring, promotion, or tenure.

No wonder faculty have “software fatigue.” Unless it makes their life easier, why support yet another technology purchase?

Faculty Drive Higher Ed, But Need Better Tools

We believe that all stakeholders at an institution benefit when faculty are put at the center of a technological choice. Faculty are the most important element on campus. They deserve tools that make the logistics of work easier so they can focus on teaching, research, and leadership.

When institutions fail to consider faculty needs, they risk purchasing software that gives faculty yet another thing to do. Usually these solutions don’t have anything to do with faculty’s daily work or the requirements of academic hiring and promotion , so they seem extraneous to the real work of higher education.

Support Faculty, See Institution-Wide Results

Interfolio’s faculty technology maps directly onto the work faculty are already doing, like applying for jobs, seeking tenure, or sitting on a committee. We build all of our products and features from the feedback of users who tell us precisely what they need to make their job easier and more effective.

What’s more, Interfolio is uniquely intuitive and easy-on-the-eyes. That’s because we employ designers and user researchers to make sure all interactions are tested with real scholars.

You can’t afford to strike out on another expensive technology purchase. That’s why you need to purchase for faculty first in order to see benefits across the institution.

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